Loyal for Life with John Tschohl

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Subject: Loyal for Life
Author: John Tschohl
Video: 180 minutes
Languages: English, Serbian captions
Includes: access for 6 months

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Unhappy Customers from Hell to Heaven in 60 second or less!

Empowerment is the most critical skill an employee can master, and the company can drive in order to lure and keep customers.


Session 1 - Service Strategy

Session 2 - The Importance of Speed

Session 3 - Empowerment

Session 4 - Service Recovery & Loyal for Life

Session 5 - Fans not Customers

Session 6 - Moving Up


Service Quality Institute

John Tschohl, called the "guru of customer service" by Time, Entrepreneur magazines and USA Today, is a bestselling author and president of Service Quality Institute, the global leader in customer service.
For the last 34 years he has solely focused on helping organizations drive a service culture and develop a team of employees providing superior services. Without empowerment no organization can be a service leader. John believes if you have over happy customers your competition does not have a chance. Every CEO wants his/her employees to be empowered.  In realty it takes almost 2 miracles at the same time to get employees to make fast empowered decisions. An empowered workforce is very difficult for competitors to copy.