How to stay focused with Les Hewitt

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Subject: How to stay focused
Author: Les Hewitt
Video: 180 minutes
Languages: English, Serbian captions
Includes: access for 6 months

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If you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, working long hours or becoming stuck in your life because of all the things that need to get done, you are definitely not alone. Many people have business goals, financial dreams and want to create an excellent quality of life for themselves and their family. But ... we get sidetracked every week putting out "fires" at work, dealing with constant interruptions and neverending mails, to say the least.

No wonder we can't focus on what we really want to accomplish! During this powerful workshop, you will implement the 4 most important focusing strategies used by the world's most  successful men and women. Delivered in person by #1 New York Times international bestselling  author and award-winning entrepreneur, Les Hewitt.

In this seminar you will learn: 


A simple proven system for consistently setting and achieving your most important goals.


Discover your current level of focus and how to dramatically improve it.  You may be shocked!


Leverage your most important relationships to produce greater revenue and new opportunities.

Successful Habits

In business, results are the name of the game.  Eliminate bad habits that are keeping you stuck.


Session 1 - The 4 Fundamentals that create an exceptional quality of life

Session 2 - A simple 4 Step Formula to help you avoid procrastination and make important decisions quickly.

Session 3 - The Sales Focus: 5 critically important processes for producing consistent, high revenue results.

Session 4 - Essential strategies for building long-lasting business and personal relationships.

Session 5 - The Successful Habits System: Improve any area of your life, including Financial, Health and Personal Relationships

Session 6 - The 3 most important Action Steps to make new successful habits permanent.


Les  Hewitt is the creator of The Power of Focus Coaching Program, a highly acclaimed series of workshops that helps individuals and companies hit their business, personal and financial targets consistently.  His controversial but astute insights of the notion of multi-tasking, though revolutionary, are more and more being heralded as the truth. His first book, The Power of Focus was co-authored with Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen (creators of Chicken Soup for the Soul), He has personally coached hundreds of business leaders to achieve exceptional profits and productivity.  He has also been chosen by none other than Donald Trump to conduct audio business seminars at Trump University.