Dance Space Molecules with Graziano Dominici

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Subject: Dance Space Molecules
Author: Graziano Dominici
Video: 180 minutes
Languages: English, Serbian captions
Includes: access for 90 days or 6 months depending on the license

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Design Your Reality

Practical, interesting and enlightening sessions that will help you design your reality.

The focus of these sessions will be on discovery of your full potentials; you will be given the necessary knowledge to change any aspect of yourself.

In the first part, you will be given specific tasks and exercises that will help you to discover yourselves, what you really like and what makes you happy. Not what others told you should make you happy, but what YOU really want and what is in harmony with your true nature.

In the second part, you will do exercises that will help you face your own fears and  bring you to realisation that you are stronger than them.

In the third part, you will be given exercises, when life “throws you off the track" to help you get back on truck, to your true nature, and to transform that experience into something that is creative and gives you pleasure. 

You will finish these sessions having made significant changes in your brain and body, and you'll be equipped with the skills that will enable you to apply this process to any area of your life.


Session 1 - Define rules and borders of your own spaces. By doing this, you will practice to expand and grow your life.

Session 2 - Boost rational thinking and creativity, and start noticing new opportunities by activating your prefrontal brain (frontal cortex).

Session 3 - The Sales Focus: 5 critically important processes for producing consistent, high revenue results.

Session 4 - Activate some parts of the brain in order to unlock limitations and unleash your true potential.

Session 5 - Identify and describe spaces that you would like to improve; Identify and define your short term achievements; Identify and define your long term achievements.

Session 6 - Identify what are your true values and what are your primary motivations.

Session 7 - “Why” exercise – linear and non linear analysis of identified achievements.

Session 8 - Prioritize achievements and make actions plans.

Session 9 - Get and stay motivated, inspired and confident despite any external “disturbing” factors. Establish healthy habits, behaviors and states that will work to your advantage.


Dance Space Molecules

Graziano Dominici is the founder of DSM (Dance Space Molecules) coaching methodology. 

DSM offers a series of exercises and tools that can be used in order to transform a chosen space - area in life. That could be a job, relationship or any other chosen area.

He studied medicine at University of Turin, and specialized in physical therapy in Novara and Verona, Italy.  One of his greatest goals is to encourage and support people to find out who they really are, to embrace their true nature and reach their full potential, which he considers one of the ways to be happy and at the same time to contribute to society, to others and to oneself.

Design Your Reality