How to become an exceptional public speaker with Alan Stevens

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Subject: How to become an exceptional public speaker
Author: Alan Stevens
Video: 180 minutes
Languages: English, Serbian captions
Includes: access for 6 months

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Speaking and Presenting Skills

"How to become an exceptional public speaker" is aimed at anyone in who wants to raise their game when speaking or presenting their products or sevices. Delivered by one of the world’s most experienced and honoured professional speakers, it reveals the secrets that top speakers use to wow their audiences every time. 
Being able to deliver a brilliant speech remains one of the key skills for anyone wishing to promote themselves or their organisation. This program provides detailed advice on every aspect of the speaker’s craft, from preparation to ovation.

"How to become an exceptional public speaker" is a must for anyone who wants to impress an audience. 

Topics covered include:

  • Visualisation    
    • See yourself winning      
    • Be in the moment      
    • Enjoy yourself      
    • Believe what you say      
    • Keep it fresh          
    • Grab your audience in the first few seconds    
  • Objective      
    • Be able to answer the question “Why?”     
    • Transform your audience     
    • Write down your key message in no more than 20 words     
    • Deliver a benefit         
    • Mind-map your presentation     
    • Get to the point     
    • Be contrary     
  • Preparation      
    • Don’t leave anything to chance     
    • Fail to prepare, expect disaster          
    • Make sure your audience is listening     
    • Know what your audience cares about     
    • Keep it relevant         
    • Use notes if you want to     
    • Stay on track          
    • The five key areas of preparation     
  • Structure      
    • Don’t waste your welcome     
    • Give them what they came for     
    • Grab your audience          
    • Carefully craft your introduction           
    • Give your audience a map          
    • Start strongly     
    • Make things clear     
    • Take a stand     
    • Bring in one idea at a time     
    • End on a high, with your big finish      
  • Connecting      
    • Are you really there?     
    • Give your audience what they need     
    • Make the vital connection     
    • Take charge of the room     
    • Speak to one person     
    • Hold their interest when the going gets tough     
    • Involve your audience     
  • Visuals      
    • To slide show or not?     
    • The ten most common slide show errors     
    • Chart for chart’s sake     
    • Trends, bullets, photos and templates     
    • But I have to show my audience something!     
    • Flip charts      
    • Visual contact information     
    • If you’re going to use slides...     
  • Storytelling            
    • Stimulate the senses, paint a picture     
    • Whose story is it anyway?     
    • Use your personal story to make a point     
    • Collect your own stories     
    • Show and tell – act it out           
    • Review your stories     
    • They’ve heard it before     
    • Storyboard your speech     
  • Handling Fear          
    • Speak up     
    • Shake, rattle and roll     
    • One to one          
    • Channel your anxiety        
    • Don’t apologise – or should you?     
    • Speaking from notes     
    • Reading from a script          
    • Relax!     
  • Content      
    • Don’t overload your audience     
    • Cut it out     
    • A brief, simple theme     
    • Lies, damned lies and… statistics     
    • Use your own words     
    • Quotable quotes     
    • Explain the evidence          
    • Your story file     
  • And in conclusion…      
    • Where is everybody?          
    • Talk to people who listen     
    • Seven things exceptional speakers do          
    • How to get a standing ovation         


Session 1 - Visualisation

Session 2 - Structure

Session 3 - Connecting

Session 4 - Storytelling

Session 5 - Handling Fear

Session 6 - Conclusion


Media Coach UK

Alan Stevens is a British speaker, writer, and media expert. He is the director of Media Coach Ltd. and a former president of the Professional Speakers Association of the UK) (PSA UKI) and the Global Speakers Federation which represents six thousand professional speakers from all parts of the world. He has the highest combined professional accreditation in public speaking and public relations of anyone in Europe, as measured by the FPSA, PSAE, CSPGlobal and MCIPR. Stevens is also honoured to be one of only ten UK speakers who holds their highest professional designation, The Professional Speaking Award of Excellence (PSAE). Stevens has published several books on public speaking: The Pocket Media Coach, The Exceptional Speaker, MediaMasters, 101 Media Tips, and Ping: How to Tap into the Power of Traditional and Social Media to Massively Improve Your Profile and Profits. He was listed in the Independent newspaper as one of ‘The Top Ten Media Experts in the UK’.


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